What is PVG

Disease articles

Detailed written articles of poultry specific diseases. These contain supporting images and guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of pet poultry diseases. Additionally, the articles include helpful guidance on the likely prognosis, transmission, prevalence, prevention, and zoonotic disease risks.

Decision Trees screenshot

Decision Trees

These will guide your clinical decision-making and suggest common differential diagnoses based on clinical findings and diagnostic results.


Commonly used drugs charts with recommended drug doses and (for UK vets only,) suggested withdrawal periods for eggs and meat. This is also supported by an egg withdrawal period decision tree and explanatory notes.

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Vet Practice Library

Contains invaluable contributions from vets experienced in treating pet poultry. The content includes:
How-to Videos – practical procedures to give you guidance when performing pet poultry medicine and surgery, from taking bloods to performing surgery.
Case Studies – practical insight into individual pet poultry cases and outcomes.
Written Articles – from a ‘vets perspective’ to give you a practical insight into common disease management or medical and surgical procedures.
Video and Image Library – additional images and videos to demonstrate disease presentations, supporting you in practice.
Clinical Reference – guidance infographics on body condition score, blood sampling and more!